Paul Kerr Proposes Reforming Congressional Sexual Harassment Policies

November 28, 2017

San Diego, CA – Paul Kerr, a Democratic candidate for Congress in the CA-49th district, proposes reforming Congressional policies on handling sexual harassment claims.

In announcing his proposal, Paul said, “It is outrageous we have a system in Congress that’s rigged to benefit abusers and silences victims, all at taxpayer expense. We need a new system that protects victims, rather than sexual predators.”

Paul Kerr’s reform proposal:

  • Immediately release anyone who signed a settlement with a Non-Disclosure Agreement with their respective Congressional office and allow them to share their experiences if they so choose.
  • Anyone accused of sexual harassment must be brought before the Ethics Committee for a full investigation.
  • Pass the “Me Too” Congressional Act, which requires all settlements paid with taxpayer dollars to be released to the public. Any settlement where the accused is a member of Congress would need to be paid by that specific member of Congress, not with taxpayer dollars.

 Paul was raised in a middle-class community by working-class parents. He’s lived in San Diego County for over 43 years. He’s an enlisted, Vietnam-era Navy Veteran, who served on a destroyer out of San Diego that patrolled the coast of Vietnam shortly after that war ended. Having worked his way through college, Paul is a proud alumnus of San Diego State University. For the past 20 years, Paul has been an owner of a successful San Diego-based business.

California’s 49th Congressional District stretches from UCSD in San Diego County to Dana Point in the southern region of Orange County. 


Working Families First 49th Congressional District