Long-overdue Common Sense Congressional Reforms

Washington is broken, and it’s been broken for a very long time. Finger-pointing, the Blame Game, Mansplaining, Arrogant Posturing, Sexual Harassment, Hyper-partisanship and Grandstanding, to name a few of the current problems, MUST stop.

We need to reform the way Congress works so we can start putting working families first, and remove special interests from the equation. If we’re going to start trusting our government again, we must make Congress more efficient, ethical, accountable and transparent. Here is my plan to reform Congress and get Washington working once again:            

Lobbying: Permanently ban members of Congress from becoming lobbyists.

Term Limits: Set limits of two terms (12 years) for members of the Senate, and six terms (12 years) for members of the House of Representatives.

Citizens United: Work to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn this disastrous Supreme Court decision and ban unlimited special interest money from federal political campaigns.

Super Pac Disclosures: Require Super Pacs to publicly disclosure the names of all contributors, and the amount of their donation.

Washington Work Week: Pass a House resolution requiring Congress to actually work 5 days a week – just like the average American.

No Budget – No Pay: Pass the “No Budget - No Pay Act.” If Congress fails to pass a budget (i.e.; do its job), members shouldn’t get paid. If any portion of the federal government closes down, members shouldn’t get paid.

#MeToo: Pass the “Me Too Congressional Act.” This legislation would require public disclosure of any information associated with a harassment complaint and settlement, when the settlement was paid with taxpayer dollars. This law would require that the settlement be paid by the accused, whenever the accused was a member of Congress. Any Congressional member accused of sexual harassment must be brought before the Ethics Committee for a full investigation.

Working Families First 49th Congressional District