It is time to stop talking about gun violence after every tragedy, and start doing something about it.  The failure of Congress to act is disgraceful, and even our children know it.

I am proud to have received the Gun Sense Candidate Distinction from Moms Demand Action for my strong stances on gun safety.

I am a gun owner who believes in responsible gun ownership.  That’s why I support universal background checks – without loopholes.  We need to prevent violent felons, people on the terrorist watch list, and people who commit domestic violence from purchasing a gun.

I support outlawing assault weapons and bump stocks.  I served in the United States Navy and fired almost every type of gun imaginable, so I know from personal experience exactly why our streets are NO place for these weapons of war.

Recent legislation passed in the House of Representatives called Concealed Carry Reciprocity will allow someone who got a concealed weapon permit in another state, for example Texas or Alabama, to legally carry a concealed weapon in California.  This is a violation of a state’s right to protect its citizens.  I strongly oppose this legislation and I call on the Senate to kill this flawed legislation.

I will never take a dime from the NRA, because time and time again, they have put politics ahead of saving lives.

We need to elect members of Congress with the courage to act.  Enough is enough!

Working Families First 49th Congressional District