Ensuring that Everyone has access to Quality Education

Long term, the only way to address income and wealth inequality in this country is to make quality education from pre-K through college, readily available to every child in America.

By the time I got to San Diego State University, the GI Bill education benefits I’d been counting on had all but expired. So I had to work full-time through college, and I still graduated with over $20,000 in student loans. Since that time, college has gotten exponentially more expensive, burying today’s students with loans that could take decades to pay off.

But that education from SDSU has made all the difference in my life, which is how I know that we MUST make our amazing public universities affordable for every child in this great country of ours. No parent should ever have to look their child in the eye and tell them they can’t afford to send them to college.

For starters, we must allow students to refinance their loans at the same rates available to big banks and large institutional lenders; provide teachers with relief from student loans; and incentivize STEM students to become teachers.

However, a four-year college education isn’t the right choice for everyone. That’s why I support additional, renewed investment in vocational training, and in our community colleges. We need to help people acquire the new skills and training they’ll need to prepare for tomorrow’s ever-changing economy.

Finally, children who attend school earlier and who have access to after-school care, significantly outperform their peers throughout their education years. That’s why I strongly support funding pre-K and after-school care for every child; reduced class sizes to enhance the learning experience; and nutrition assistance programs because malnourished children have little to no chance to succeed.

Working Families First 49th Congressional District