Ensuring that Everyone has access to Quality Education

Long term, the only way to address income and wealth inequality in this country is to make quality education from pre-K through college, readily available to every child in America. Read more here.  

Caring for our Veterans

Like far too many Veterans, I struggled when I got out of the service. Far too many of our nation’s Veterans are struggling today. Over 40,000 are homeless every night. On average, 22 commit suicide every day. They deserve BETTER, and I won’t stop until they get the services and support they’ve earned. Read more here.  

Providing Quality Health Care for All

Quality health care is a basic human right – it is not a privilege for the wealthy few! This is my guiding principal. Read more here.  

Growing an Economy that works for everyone

Despite record profits for major corporations in the United States, this economy has NOT delivered results to Working Families. Read more here.

Long-overdue Common Sense Congressional Reforms

Washington is broken, and it’s been broken for a very long time. Finger-pointing, the Blame Game, Mansplaining, Arrogant Posturing, Sexual Harassment, Hyper-partisanship and Grandstanding, to name a few of the current problems, MUST stop. Read more here.

Protecting the Environment

By investing in clean, renewable energy, we will not only reduce climate change, but we'll also grow our economy. The time for bold action is now. Tomorrow will be too late for our children. Read more here.

Protecting A Woman’s Right To Choose

I am 100% pro-choice.  I’ve always believed that a woman should be able to make her own private health and reproductive decision, in consultation with her doctor. As you next Congressional representative, I will stand up to any and all threats to a woman’s Right to Choose. Read more here.

Equality for All

I fully support the #MeToo movement, and I think Oprah couldn't have said it better when she said to men who harass women in the workplace, “Your time is up.” Read more here.



Working Families First 49th Congressional District