Working Families First 49th Congressional District

Paul Kerr: Veteran, Businessman, Democrat

Paul has lived in San Diego County for over 43 years but was raised in a small, farming town in the central Arizona desert. Paul’s Dad worked for a clothing manufacturer, before moving into sales for a freight carrier. Paul’s Mom worked as a homemaker. The oldest of 6, Paul was raised in a middle-class community, by working-class parents.

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Why I'm Running

I’m running because the median household income should not have remained flat for the past 30 years; because American families should never go bankrupt from a tragic health care event; because Veterans should not be committing suicide, period; because our government should not be allowed to rip immigrant parents away from their children; because the earth’s temperature can not be allowed to increase unchecked, and because working families should never have to tell their kids that they can’t afford to send them to college.

Donald Trump and Darrell Issa are hard at work pushing policies that would harm our middle class, our health care system, and our environment. At the same time they're attacking our immigrant population and LGBT community, and neglecting our Veterans. And they’ve just gotten started!

The struggles Americans face today aren’t abstract concepts to me. I was raised in a middle-class community by working-class parents. When my Mom was diagnosed with ALS, I watched firsthand while my family struggled with the hardships associated with this horrific disease. Like many enlisted Veterans, I struggled in a variety of dead-end jobs after getting discharged. I eventually enrolled at San Diego State University, where I worked my way through school and took on a mountain of student loan debt, which I struggled to pay off for years after graduating.

I'm running because I know what it's like to struggle ... as far too many American families are doing right now.

We have got to start putting working families first!


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Candidate for Congress | CA-49

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Working Families First 49th Congressional District